Terracotta tiles: naturally and stylishly!

Below You will find our basic offer. It includes four product groups: Terracotta Classic, Hand-moulded terracotta, Brick tiles, Veneers and Glazed wall tiles. Please note that manual production enables the creation of the unique products for individual order. If you have any questions related to the natural terracotta, floor/wall brick tiles, or the bricks themselves, please contact us. Perhaps we can create together something completely new!

Glazed tiles

Glazed wall tiles, which are formed in our Manufacture, are made entirely by hand. The base of the tiles is our Terracotta Classic in different formats, on which different types of glazes are put, and then is fired once again. With the help of the manual labor, the tiles are of [...]


Brick tiles, veneers

The veneers named OLD WALL are ceramic wall tiles from our family manufactory RogińskiWarsztatArtystyczny. Tiles are handmade from the high-quality clinker mass. Tiles refer to the appearance of the medieval hand-moulded brick - the Gothic brick. The OLD WALL veneers are especially suitable for applications in the contemporary building - their [...]


Handmade terracotta tiles

The hand-moulded terracotta is a product which our family Manufactory is particularly proud of. We have managed to combine two characteristics in it: uniqueness and very high quality. The tiles are formed entirely manually, but in their production the "hard" clinker mass is used, which is then fired at high temperature. This [...]


Terracotta Classic

Manufacture RogińskiWarsztatArtystyczny. Tiles are handmade from the high-quality clinker mass. Tiles relate to the appearance of the antique floors made of the old brick, or Spanish/Italian floors in the Mediterranean style, hence they are often called the Cotto tiles. The traditional production technology has been adapted to the needs of the contemporary [...]