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Terracotta tiles - glazed wall tiles

Glazed wall tiles, which are formed in our Manufacture, are made entirely by hand. The base of the tiles is our Terracotta Classic in different formats, on which different types of glazes are put, and then is fired once again. With the help of the manual labor, the tiles are of a very nice “rustic” character, and after their completion, they create very natural and traditional climate. We recommended to lay the tiles on the interior walls of buildings, no matter whether it is a bathroom, kitchen or other room.

The METRO wall tiles harmonize very well with the cement tiles, which are very popular nowadays (especially in bathrooms), and fit in with the modern designs. What can serve as an example is SchillerBackstube from Berlin, where our white METRO tiles  were applied.

Below You can see the gallery of our projects: Glazed tiles

Płytki z cegły, licówki
Nr: Sm_1 26x7x1,5 cm
Nr: Sm_2 26x13x1,5 cm
Inne formaty dostępne na zamówienie.
We have a wide knowledge of the materials needed for the proper assembly and subsequent maintenance of the terracotta, brick floors etc. We have been cooperating with the Italian company FILA( for years, and we have been officially trained in the use of the above mentioned products. After reviewing the details of the contract, such as the number of m2 and the place of application, we will send You the offer with additional funds for the assembly and maintenance of floors and walls made of terracotta and bricks. You can make use of it in whole or in part.
The offer is made in each case individually.

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